Fandeli PSA Aluminum Oxide Roll (2-3/4″ X 25-45YDS)


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Fandeli’s Continuos Roll features the same champagne BW80 formula as their famous DA discs and will always satisfy any job you bring to the test. Our rolls range from 25yrd-45yrd depending on the grit.

80-Grit: 25 Yards

120-Grit: 30 Yards

150-Grit: 45 Yards

180-Grit: 45 Yards

320-Grit: 45 Yards

-Anti-clogging technology with special stearated coating to minimize loading.

-High-cutting speed and superior performance.

-Dry and semi-dry sanding.

Backing: Reinforced Paper

Mineral: Premium Aluminum Oxide

Grits: 80-320

Coating: Open

Ideal for: Lacquers and Paint/Wood/Automotive

Qty: 1 Roll per Unit